WATCH: Elephant Crashes Into Man’s Kitchen Looking For Food… Again!

Source: NST

If you live in or nearby a dense jungle you would be no stranger to peculiar visits by wildlife, just like this Thai man who casually went about his day after an elephant crashed into his kitchen looking for food, for a second time this year.

The home owner in Thailand, Kittichai Boodchan took to his Facebook and posted a video of the elephant in his kitchen. He wrote in the caption, “It came to cook again”.

The elephant was looking for food in Kittichai’s home near a national park in western Thailand, where wild elephants are known to roam the area.

Elephants bathing at Kuiburi National Park Source: Pinterest

Kittichai was not at all startled by the huge mammal’s presence as this had not been the first time it had destroyed his kitchen. A similar encounter happened in May, in which the elephant made an open-air kitchen for his home for free.

He revealed that the secret is to not feed them. “When it doesn’t get food, it just leaves on its own,” he told reporters.

“I am already used to it coming, so I was not so worried.”

Watch the elephant visiting Kittichai’s kitchen here:

Adorable as they are, elephants can cause damage and danger to human settlements if preventive measures aren’t taken to protect them and their habitats.