Rescuer Manages To Save Baby Elephant By Performing CPR After It Was Hit By A Motorcycle

(Source: CNA)

It’s distressing to hear about the innocent lives of animals taken away due to road accidents. The situation is especially exacerbated when they are an endangered species.

Recently, a Thai baby elephant almost lost its life after being knocked over by a passing motorcycle. Luckily rescue worker, Mana Srivate came to the poor animal’s rescue by performing CPR as his other colleagues treated the injured motorcyclist a few meters away.

(Source: CNA)

According to CNA, Mana has performed dozens of resuscitation attempts in his 26 years as a rescue worker but this is the first time he has done it on an elephant. It was also reported that the baby elephant was crossing the road with a group of wild pachyderms in the eastern province of Chanthaburi.

“It’s my instinct to save lives, but I was worried the whole time because I can hear the mother and other elephants calling for the baby,” said Mana.

(Source: CNA)

However, when the baby elephant had started to move, Mana stated he almost cried. Not long after it felt better, it was also taken away for treatment before being returned to its mother.

It really was a miracle that this baby elephant managed to survive the CPR that Mana had given it as he himself had claimed that despite the dozens of road traffic accidents involving humans, this elephant was the only victim he had managed to revive while performing CPR.