WATCH: Julie’s Biscuits Tickles Our Funny Bone Instead of Our Tear Ducts with Hilarious New Raya Ad

We’re ringing in Hari Raya with some sad news since inter-district and inter-state travel are still banned which means that most of us aren’t able to visit our distant relatives during this festive time.

However, to ease the pain, Julie’s Biscuits put out a hilarious new Raya ad that features some of our favourite local actors, most notably Amerul Affendi, whom we’ve endlessly praised on JUICE.

The ad to end all others, this creative concept came from the mind of writer-director @_TheJebs and was produced by @nadirahzakariya on Twitter. The ad is so entertaining and effective that it has since made many Malaysians run out to purchase some good ol’ Julie’s Love Letters.

We all remember munching on these treats while we’re sitting on our kampung verandah, contemplating our non-existent love life so it’s perfect that these biscuits are the centre of attention for a Raya ad.

Putting a fresh new spin to the typical sad Raya ads that aim straight for the tear ducts, Julie’s Biscuits are aiming for our funny bone instead with witty humour and relatable modern characters.

The shenanigans of faux director Amerul Affendi as he instructs his army of fussy actors that include Fauziah Nawi, Sh. Shahirah and Batrisyia will surely make you laugh and put a temporary pause to your Raya sendu.

Watch it in full below: