Talented WFH Production Crew Goes Viral For Revealing How They Shoot Advertisements at Home

There’s nothing more powerful than a well-executed advertisement.

Incorporating strong visuals, catchy tunes and memorable one-liners can literally catapult a new brand into a household name.

The team behind creating these advertisements are most likely made-up of creative individuals who think out-of-the-box in order to present something fresh and unique so they can set themselves apart from competitors.

With just one look at ArtbeastMY’s work ethic and ingenuity, we’re proud to say that Malaysia has some of the finest creative minds behind a plethora of fantastic advertisements.

Recently going viral on Twitter, filmmaker, videographer and Multimedia University graduate Adham Haziq is no foreigner to attention. Prior to this, his work has been constantly shared on social media, gaining the admiration of many netizens.

Now, he and his production team have done it again with a brilliant advertisement for the local favourite candy bar, Cloud 9. When I saw this ad, despite having not eaten the candy for years, it made me want to go out and get several packs immediately!

Just take a look at how well-done it is:

Not only did they treat us to such a cute and impactful ad, they weren’t shy to show us exactly how they created it. He also started a thread to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding his methods.

According to him, he used Adobe Premiere Pro and was self-taught.

The video has since garnered over 6.7k retweets and 11k likes at the time of writing. If the numbers continue to climb, it will surpass his previous viral tweet, which depicts his crew shooting a cooking video for serawa durian.

Check it out:

Making do with their limited equipment and work-from-home situation, it’s impressive how they can create such wonderful and eye-catching advertisements. The creator has an entire Instagram page dedicated to his craft and it’s treat to scroll and watch the behind-the-scenes of each perfectly-executed ad.

Here are a few of my favourites:


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If you’re like me and you enjoy watching their process, follow Adham Haziq and his crew on Instagram and YouTube.