PASKAL Director, Adrian Teh, Teams Up With Hairul Azreen, Namron & Amerul Effendi For New Action Rom-Com on Netflix

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Just looking at the cast and crew behind this film will get you pumped to watch it!

From the mind behind PASKAL, the critically acclaimed and box office hit action film from 2018 that blew audiences away with its realistic portrayal of the Royal Malaysian Navy, comes a more subdued yet still exciting rom-com.

Director Adrian Teh teams up with long-time friend Hairul Azreen to bring us yet another surefire hit in the form of Pasal Kau! While this film isn’t about the military, there are still guns involved since the story revolves around a hostage situation that takes place at a hotel.

source: REMAJA

Pasal Kau! centres around Azreen’s character as a staff at a luxury hotel.

Noticeably chubbier from his fit physique in PASKAL, Azreen was actually told by Adrian Teh to eat as much as he wanted in preparation for this role. Now, the scowl he fashioned in PASKAL has softened into a mischievous yet delighted grin as he and the other staff at the hotel get into hilarious shenanigans.

source: Youtube / Netflix MY

The fun doesn’t last for long (at least for the characters) because the hotel suddenly is held hostage by powerful forces with a whole lotta guns. Scrambling to save the hotel guests, Azreen and his friends create makeshift weapons from hotel appliances in a desperate attempt to save the day.

While all of this is happening, a love triangle develops and Azreen must figure out who his heart truly wants, the cute chef named Jane (Janna Nick) or the sexy hotel guest, Sofia.

Take a look at the trailer below.

Azreen is not the only heavyweight in this film since legends Namron and Amerul Effendi also play major roles.

For the uncultured uninitiated, Namron, the star of Geran which won big at the New York Asian Film Festival, and Amerul Effendi, of Crossroads: One, Two, Jaga fame, are both legends in the Malaysian film industry. Not only are they incredible at their craft, but we’ve seen them in almost all our favourite locally made films.

To see them a star in a rom-com is comical and something we definitely don’t want to miss!

So, mark your calendars on October 1 and make sure to have your popcorn ready to watch Pasal Kau! on Netflix!