WATCH: Giant Cat Takes Over The World’s Busiest Train Station in Shinjuku, Tokyo

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source: @cross_s_vision on Twitter

Dogs are a man’s best friend but cats, well they mostly like minding their own business but we love them just as much anyway.

With the pandemic feeding into our boredom, many Malaysians have been finding new things to do and that sometimes include messing with our little furry trouble-makers.

From turning cats into bumble bees with turmeric to dressing them up in little costumes, we all mean well with our affection but sometimes it just doesn’t translate (I blame the language barrier).

There’s no denying however that some of us owe our lives to our cats.

So, it’s no surprise when Tokyo decides to make use of their giant ad space in Shinjuku with a gigantic meowing feline.

Cross Shinjuku Vision, which is known as the busiest train station in the world, has an ad space that spans 154.7 square metres and that is where a 4k realistic animation of a cat lies.

The calico cat appears as if its stuck there and any pet owner knows that its fidgeting signals a spontaneous pounce.

Like a tamagotchi multiplied by a hundred in size, the cat can be seen taking naps and falling asleep between 7am to 1am.

Citizens of Japan are so enamoured by the cat that there’s even a livestream on Cross Space’s Youtube channel just in case you missed it.

Well, if you can’t have a cat at home, at least you’ll have a giant one looking over you as you catch the train.