WATCH: Man Wakes Up in a Flooded House Thanks To His Sneaky Cats

Source: @zul_taylor/TikTok

If you’re a cat owner then surely you’re familiar with the chaos that ensues and the ups and downs of being one.

As someone with a cat that regularly jumps on my head at three in the morning, I couldn’t help but relate to Singaporean Zul’s recent incident with his cats.

Zul posted what had happened on his TikTok after waking up to a flooded house and discovering that his cats had turned on the kitchen tap while he was sound asleep.

Source: @zul_taylor/TikTok

“I was just about to head to work but I guess I have to take an urgent leave to clean up the mess.

“Luckily, my parents aren’t here with me.

“And while you cats play with water, I have to clean up,” he said.

Source: @zul_taylor/TikTok

“It’s like a swimming pool, you all go and swim,” he said to his cats while playfully throwing a tennis ball at them.

Having garnered over 123.9K views at time of writing, Zul also scolded his sneaky cats in the video. At one point in the video, the cats which are Russian Blue breed, all sat down obediently, as if they knew their owner was mad. Of course, this was after he caught them playing in the flooded water without a care in the world.

Watch the whole incident unfold below & share your cat stories with us in the comments!

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