Cat Turns Into Bumble Bee After Owner Bathes Him With Turmeric Following TikTok Tip

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Source: mStar

31-year-old Afifah Rozlan was desperate to get rid of fleas crawling on her beloved cat so after discovering a traditional method on TikTok, she decided to give it a try…

The method involved shampooing her cat with turmeric, and even though it worked, the result was not all that successful as Lolo turned yellow and now resembles a bumble bee.

Afifah shared her mishap on a Facebook group called “Kucing Sepahkan Apa Hari Ini”.

Source: mStar

“Tadaaa, this is the result. The fleas disappeared when we bathed him but not all were gone.

“I think we accidentally put a little too much of turmeric because the cat in the TikTok was not as yellow as Lolo,” said the owner.

Source: mStar

“Mama is really sorry that you’re yellow,” she continued writing on her post.

Speaking to mStar, Afifah said that she lets the 1-year-old cat play outside which is how he caught the fleas.

“Before this we used flea shampoos that I would buy on Shopee but it’s currently sold out,” she said.

According to Afiffah, the traditional method came from an Indonesian TikTok account.

“I put turmeric powder mixed with salt and put it into a pail then I gave Lolo a bath,” said Afifah.

Although some people say turmeric has benefits for cats and dogs (as it does with humans), there is very little research done on its effects on animals. Cases of cats vomiting after consuming it have been recorded, so please consult with your local vet before giving or bathing your cat in turmeric.