This Cat Nicknamed ‘Abang Sado’ is So Chonky Even Dogs Are Afraid of Him

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Wow. Such beauty. source: Harian Metro/ Zuhainy Zulkiffli

One chonky cat that sleeps every evening on the sidewalk of a shop at Carvanon Street, Penang has gotten the attention of the public for his behaviour and size.

Weighing at 10 kilograms, the male cat named Super is also known as ‘Abang Sado’ among traders in the area because of his courage to drive away wild dogs.

37-year-old Kenny Lim, who is a trader said it has been a year since he took in Super after the cat got lost and went into his shop. He said he couldn’t stand seeing how hungry the cat was, so he gave him some food and eventually became Super’s carer.

“At the time, he was very thin so I took him to an animal clinic for treatment and sterilisation after he gradually recovered. Since then, he has grown and his weight has reached 10kg, making Super feared by wild dogs in the area,” he told Harian Metro.

Kenny said he allocates RM200 to buy cat food and fish for the chonkster, but he also receives food donations from Super’s fans. He said people from all walks of life, including tourists, would visit his shop to play with his beloved cat.

“Now Super is like a superstar! It’s like bringing good luck because since I took him in, my shop has become the focus for people who want to play with him.

“I was once approached by a police patrol car, which alarmed me of whether there was a crime in the area. Turns out, the policeman only stopped for a while to deliver food and play with Super, that’s the shop’s attraction,” he said.

Despite Super’s large body, the feline is active at night and can jump over two metres of barriers at Kenny’s home.

“When I have free time, I will take Super for a motorcycle ride around the city. Quite a lot of people have offered high prices to buy Super, but I am not willing to hand him over to anyone because I considered him as family,” Kenny said.