PHOTOS: These Spoiled Cats Have Their Own Living Room Complete With ‘Fur-niture’ & It’s Adorable!

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(source: Dodo)

Pet parents can go to great lengths to ensure their furbabies are comfortable and happy.

Sometimes, the special treatment a pet receives from its parents is no less than the royal treatment of Kings and Queens. A recent example of this would be two cats named Leeta and Lyla that have their own living room with furniture included, made by their human-mum, Tatiana Givenchy.

According to Dodo, it all started when Tatiana decided to reembark an old hobby of hers, crocheting. She decided her first project would be crafting a tiny couch for her kitties.

(source: Dodo)

Once the tiny couch was completed and placed on the floor, Leeta and Lyla were drawn to it immediately, but for Tatiana, something was lacking. That single piece of little furniture seemed to call out for something more, so she put her creativity back to work and before you know it, the rest of the adorable living room just followed suit.

With some other tiny furnishings she’s collected over the years, Tatiana went on to remodel her house to accommodate a whole little living room spot just for her cats’ enjoyment.

Best of all, Leeta and Lyla seem to understand that the tiny living room is their space – and they’ve been treating it accordingly. Just take a look at this cute setting:

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