WATCH: Cellist Turns Worry Into Calmness at PPV SCCC As He Serenades Those Getting Their Vaccine

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source: Twitter @haiqalaydiel_

Music is medicine for the soul which is why some musicians have opted to perform at vaccination centres across Malaysia in order to ail the community’s apprehension prior to getting the jab.

With the loom of Covid-19 at every corner and vaccination myths saturating the internet, leaving the house to get vaccinated isn’t as easy-breezy as most would think.

When racked with anxiety, it helps to have a soothing melody fill the air while you await your turn at the vaccination booth.

Netizens were pleased to watch a relaxing clip of cellist, Haiqal Aydiel playing at a vaccination centre in Setia City Convention Centre (SCCC).

He played ‘Seribu Tahun’ by Imran Ajmain, which is admittedly a pretty sad song. A few commented stating that instead of feeling worried for the jab, they ended up feeling melancholic instead.

Listen to it below:

Garnering over 6,000 retweets and 17,000 likes within a day, his video went viral and received positive reception. Some people who were present at the centre even passed him treats as a thank you.

Here are a few of the comments:

If you loved listening to Haiqal’s lilting cello rendition, he’s available for booking and reachable via his linktree. He has also expressed interest in playing at MAEPS, even if it means he has to be suited up in full personal protective equipment (PPE) gear.

To watch more of his performances, follow him on Twitter.