PHOTOS: T-Rex in Sarawak Adorably Teaches Humans How To Get Vaccinated

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Unless we’re planning to become extinct like the dinosaurs, this T-Rex is educating us humans on how to properly get vaccinated at our nearest PPVs.

The nation’s main priority right now is achieving herd immunity but some people are still wary when it comes to the vaccine. In order to get everyone comfortable, BCCK Sarawak uploaded a series of adorable photos of a dinosaur getting its jab.

Despite being an extinct species, the dinosaur did not receive any special treatment.

It had to be punctual and queue-up just like the rest of us mere mortals.

It even had to register itself and fill-up some forms which is a massive feat for a creature with no opposable thumbs.

Of course, the T-Rex had to inform the officials of its allergies, illnesses and whether it had been taking any medication, before taking a seat and waiting its turn for the jab.

After the jab, T-Rex advised to be alert of any symptoms or after-effects so you can inform the medical volunteers as soon as possible.

Once that’s all done, just take a pre-historic selfie and you can be on your way!

The thread posted to Twitter definitely warmed the hearts of Malaysians since it garnered over 11k likes and over 9k retweets.


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Since then, the identity of the T-Rex has also been identified by BCCK Sarawak as Kenny Sia, one of Malaysia’s pioneer bloggers, emerging entrepreneur and now dinosaur cosplayer.

In times shadowed by fear, it’s heartwarming when someone steps in to shed some brightness and remind us that there is light at the end of the tunnel after all.