M’sian Star Wars Fans Are Showing Up As Jedi & Stormtroopers For Their AZ Jab Appointments

(source: Official Star Wars Malaysia Fan Club FB)

Imagine showing up for your AstraZeneca vaccine shot and a Jedi just casually lines up behind you. Well, if you’re lucky enough, they just might!

Recently, members of the Official Star Wars Malaysia Fan Club were spotted at various vaccination centres (PPV) in their Jedi outfits and stormtrooper helmets.

The most common prop that club members bring, other than their costumes, are lightsabers. As far as helmets go, the two most popular ones are the ones worn by stormtroopers and Mandalorians.

According to club president Sanjiv Indran, the club’s 1,400 members have been feeling rather down since public gatherings were prohibited as they usually would dress up for events.

When the opt-in AstraZeneca registration was available in May, they took it as an opportunity to get their jab while looking cool.

(source: Official Star Wars Malaysia Fan Club FB)

“We all love to dress up and go for events. With the vaccination, we thought, since we cannot gather, why not wear our costumes and bring whatever that can be legally brought into the PPV to enliven the atmosphere?” he said in an interview with the Star.

Dressed up as a Jedi, Sanjiv went for his jab at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia on 6 May, just two days after Star Wars Day – an unofficial day that falls on May 4th, with its tagline “May The Fourth Be With You”.

Sanjiv also noted that reception of their costumes has ranged from mild bemusement to outright adoration.

“Those in the PPV hall, be it people on duty or other vaccine recipients, will ask to pose with us or take our photos. It is all part of the fun, and everyone has something to remember for the day.

“This gives us a brief opportunity to be with people in a safe environment, with proper physical distancing observed,” he said, adding that photos taken at the PPV are then posted on the club’s Facebook page which is followed by around 14,000 people.

(source: Official Star Wars Malaysia Fan Club FB)

“From there, other members can see who has been vaccinated, and those with their photos up there have kind of earned bragging rights.

“It is also in some way like goading each other, to see who can outdo others (in terms of costumes, props and poses), and makes all of us enthusiastic about vaccination,” he said.

With members sharing their pics and vaccination experiences, they are encouraging others to feel confident about getting their jabs as well. The Force is definitely strong with this bunch!