There’s An Indomie Ice-Cream Topped with Bawang Goreng & Apparently It’s Delicious!

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source: Instagram @holi.icecream

What is it with our obsession to modify all ice-cream flavours into weird, unsavoury concoctions? From petai to paracatemol and tear gas flavoured ice-cream, it seems that this generation can’t just enjoy the sweet simplicity of the original flavours like vanilla, strawberry or chocolate.

Now, we have a new abnormal flavour to add to the already heaping pile of weird ice-creams.

Enter Indomie flavoured ice-cream, and instead of a cherry on top, it’s sprinkled with bawang goreng. 

Who says hell doesn’t exist on Earth? (source: Reddit)

The first of its kind (however there have been other equally disturbing renditions before) this Indomie ice-cream is said to be sweet and savoury to cater to Asians’ affinity for the popular instant noodle brand. The creation came from Indonesian artisanal ice-cream brand, Holi Ice-Cream, that has a track-record of creating other weird yet interesting flavours.

source: Instagram @holi.icecream

Amongst their more popular ones are Guinness beer, White Rabbit candy, and Harry Potter’s Butterbeer. The runner-up for their most bizarre flavour is definitely their Salted Egg Yolk ice-cream.

The owner of the company, who goes by Stephen, explained the reasoning behind creating the new Indomie ice-cream. He said,

“There was one time after having Indomie goreng when I thought that it would be pretty cool to have Indomie goreng-flavoured ice cream for dessert.”

Sounds like stoner logic, which is definitely the driving force for all great inventions.

Before releasing this beast to the public, Stephen had a trial run with all of his close friends. Before letting them taste test, he made sure not to tell them it was Indomie, just to get an unbiased reaction.

Stephen said,

“I tried giving [the ice cream to other people] without telling them that it was Indomie-flavoured. They said it was really good, and they were surprised when I told them that it was Indomie-based.”

Since the flavour is still new to the market, reviews are not in yet. But you can take a gander at how netizens will respond once they try it. My bet: They’ll be just as confused as they were before eating it.