VIDEO: This Indonesian Women Is Eating Soap Like It’s Ice-Cream & Reviewing It

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(source: Serambi Indonesia)

Imagine you’re watching a food review on Instagram. The host would tell you what type of food it is, what brand it is, and lastly how it tastes like, right? Now that you have that in mind, imagine someone doing exactly that but with soap.

This Indonesian woman is eating soap like ice-cream and reviewing different brands on IG, and to be honest, we don’t know how to feel about this… It’s kind of funny too as most of the clip is just her sucking on soap aggressively and going “mmm..lazat!”

Recently she went viral as one of her clips reviewing the soap brand ‘GIV’ garnered nearly 30k views and counting on IG alone. The soap tasting reviewer is known as Khosik Assifa and whenever she eats her “snack”, she preps it by wetting it with her hands first to form some lather, then she’ll suck on it.

Khosik so far has done three reviews of three different brands of soap. Check them out below:

1. GIV soap


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2. Lifebuoy soap


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3. LUX soap


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You would think eating soap is weird (and roughly reminiscent of the stupid eating- and smoking-Tide Pod trend) but apparently there’s a community of people who are addicted to it. Remember Tempestt Henderson? She would eat soap on a daily basis, 5 times a day and was even featured in the infamous docu-series, Strange Addiction. Turns out, she was diagnosed with a rare eating disorder called Pica where a person is addicted to eating substances that have no nutritional value like dirt, paint, and in this case, soap.

Do you think that’s the case for Khosik too or does she genuinely enjoy reviewing the taste of soaps?

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