We Found Out That Indomie Donuts Exist, But Would You Eat Them?

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No one in Malaysia can deny the delicious goodness that is Indomie. It’s an essential during late night mamak hangouts, usually accompanied with some Teh O’ Ais. Not only is it super cheap, but the meal itself is convenient, quick and easy to make. It’s no wonder why this instant noodle is an instant hit all around the globe especially with young people on the go and uni-kids on a budget (some of our elder siblings actually survived for years on this when they were studying abroad–blame the exchange rate and beer).

It’s hard to get bored of eating Indomie as there are so many flavours to choose from, and which Malaysian with a strong palate doesn’t like a flavourful meal, am I right? The fact that you can customise and add so much more to it for your liking also makes it amazing. If anyone is going to Indonesia, please order the Indomie I.N.T.E.R.N.E.T. and find out for yourself why the locals nicknamed that particular variant of Indomie as dosa besar (huge sin).

That being said, Netizens from down under are taking Indomie goodness up a notch by creating a Frankenstein snack that weirdly combines Indomie and the donut. Yeap, donuts! Who would’ve thought that Australians would be the ones coming up with this?

(source: Donut Papi)

A small batch donut producer from Sydney, Donut Papi introduced the donut which is a collaboration with the Indomie brand. The sad news? It was only made available for a limited time. But ever since news of the donut went viral, a café in Indonesia decided to assume duty and serve Indomie Donuts right in the heart of Jakarta.

Kafe XCoffee located in Kapten Tendean was instantly bombarded by foodies that wanted a taste. According to Carita Lukita, they sold an astonishing 100 rings of donuts in just 30 minutes.

(source: Vivo ID)

In regard to the taste, we have so many questions: Is it sweet or salty? Is the texture cake-like or noodle-like? Is it crunchy or soft? We’re banging our heads here. Looks quite iffy but based on the feedback, sounds deliciously good to us.

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