Calling All Ulam Lovers! Petai Flavoured Ice Cream is Now Available at This Dessert Shop

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(source: KL Foodie)

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… petai flavoured ice cream?

Next time you’re craving an ice-cold cone, why not step out of your pure vanilla comfort zone and try this one out! It’s available at Bangsar and Petaling Jaya in the artisan ice-cream shop, Frozen.

Bitter bean or stink bean is better known in Malaysia as ‘petai’ and usually, we love it in savoury dishes like sambal tumis udang or as a side veggie for our braised-style rice. So, the idea of combining chopped up bitter beans in vanilla ice cream is pretty daring, if you ask me.

It’s RM10.90 per scoop, and this wild flavour is available for dine-in and takeaways too.

Who knows? This might be something you’ll fall in love with. Take a look:

Besides this petai ice cream, Frozen outlets also serve up an innovative mix of flavours that range from classic Malaysian delicacies like Kueh Talam, Earl Grey Tarik and every durian lover’s favourite–the Musang King.

Time to get that ice-cream craving fixed!

For more info, check out Frozen’s Facebook

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