Eat This Ice Cream If You Have a Hangover, It Contains Paracetamol… What?

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(source: OutOfHomes)

Weird ice cream flavours have always been a novelty, but ice cream infused with medicine? Now that’s called innovation…

According to Bndestem, a small town bakery called ‘Nagelkerke’ in The Netherlands created a Paracetamol (or as Malaysians like to call it, Panadol) infused ice cream. The idea behind this ice cream was to help people cure their hangovers left by big carnivals that the local culture there celebrates. That’s low-key kind of brilliant.

However, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority said that the ice cream can not be sold. If there is too much Paracetamol in it, the bakery must have a permit required to administer the medication, which kinda turns it into a clinic-bakery… that just sounds too complex.

The owner of the bakery, Jan Nagelkerke said that he would not be selling it but instead, the peculiar ice cream is to be put on display for people to see and get a good laugh.

(source: Bndestem)

We don’t know about you guys, but we’re getting a headache just imagining how it tastes like…

Well, Malaysians are guilty of mad ‘innovations’ concerning our food as well. Check this out.

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