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Want to be a Successful Band in KL? You Should Listen to Eff Hakim of Pastel Lite

Want to make it in KL as a band? Eff Hakim’s got tips.


VIDEO: Alicia Amin Dances to a Trippy Washing Machine in Golden Mammoth’s ‘Malicious Judicious’ MV

Can’t expect anything less than a trippy video from a psych rock band.


Hujan, Estranged, Bunkface, and More Will Take the Stage at Rocktoberfest Borneo 2017

Party by the beachside with some of Malaysia’s best rock acts and international bands.


Police Raid Descends on Malaysian Death Metal Show and Accusations of Internal Sabotage Are Taking Over

Local metalheads already have enough problems externally.


Time-Travelling Band Returns from the Future in Sci-fi, Rock-Musical

Sat, 15th Jul '17 - Sun, 16th Jul '17

9pm (Show) / 8pm (Open Mic) / 6pm (Doors Open) - 11.30pm



LISTEN: Listening to ‘Butter Breakfast’ is Like a Youth Portal

Better (butter) breakfast cause mornings ain’t forever.