Police Raid Descends on Malaysian Death Metal Show and Accusations of Internal Sabotage Are Taking Over

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On 19 August ’17, a death metal gig held at Ultimate Blast Studio ended on a sour note after it was raided by the authorities. The organiser was informed that reports of disturbance and suspicious activity had brought the police down onto the scene, which stood out as odd because previous performances at the location had never caused much problems with the local community. One particular band who were supposed to perform at the gig ended up having their slot canceled as a result of not being able to make it on time, and it wasn’t long before accusations of internal sabotage and betrayal started to descend upon the band, who were thought to have reported the gig to the police out of grudge.

The organiser posted the following statement below on Facebook:

The accused did not stay silent for long, and the band eventually followed up with their own response, stating that they had been falsely accused of wrongdoing:

The post was accompanied with screenshots of the organiser’s original statement as well as WhatsApp exchanges between the band’s vocalist and the organiser.

The organiser was quick to hit back, sharing his own screenshots of WhatsApp conversations between him and Aspersion’s vocalist:

The latest statement in the whole debacle came yesterday morning from the gig’s organiser, Dirufied Zid:

With death metal fans having enough to worry about when it comes to being persecuted by the authorities, it certainly doesn’t help when internal strife is thrown into the mix. With the online buzz surrounding the issue still ongoing, we can probably expect more statements from both parties in the days to come.

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