Time-Travelling Band Returns from the Future in Sci-fi, Rock-Musical

Date Sat, 15th Jul '17 - Sun, 16th Jul '17
Time 9pm (Show) / 8pm (Open Mic) / 6pm (Doors Open) - 11.30pm
Venue Merdekarya

Local oddball band The Panda Head Curry? are all set to take Merdekarya’s live stage by storm on July 15th, with a live rendition of their album-cum-musical DUDE, WHERE’S MY FLYING ELECTRIC CAR? Seeing as it’s 2017 and we still don’t even have hoverboards (unlike what was promised in Back To The Future), anyone bitter about that might find this a worthy watch indeed. The band have promised a concert like no other this July, complete with a narrator, dancers, laser lights, disco-balls, and free vegetables provided to the audience for you to throw around like beach balls.

Some of the band’s whackiness from past shows was captured in photos by brave photographers:

With ditties encompassing everything from the death of romance at the hands of the digital awakening, to a “Chinese tsunami” wiping out South East Asia, get ready for the most surreal musical experience you’ll ever have. Just remember to have RM10 or more ready to put in the tip jar at the end of the performance – the newly renovated (they have beer on tap now!) Merdekarya may technically provide free entry, but don’t be that freeloader, alright?

More politically-incorrect music at The Panda Head Curry?’s website and Facebook Page. Let the band know to expect you on their event page so they won’t put you on their list of people “to be EATEN when the world ends”.