Ryan Reynolds Invites M’sian Miniature Artist Picoworm on His Show & Makes a Mini Hairdryer

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source: Ryan Doesn’t Know (Snapchat)

In case you missed it (why did you?), we wrote about Malaysian miniature artist, Pui Wan Lim known as @picoworm on Instagram, showcasing her wonderful sculptures of nostalgic Malaysian culture.

From the king of fruits to stationery you might’ve used during your school years, she preserves these pieces of Malaysian culture through beautiful, intricate mini figurines.

source: @picoworm (Instagram)

Ryan Reynolds was mesmerised by her art invited her to be on his Snapchat series called Ryan Doesn’t Know, where the Hollywood hunk learns about magic, ice sculpting and other things.


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In the episode, Ryan gets a mini-workshop from Pui Wan and learns how to make a tiny hairdryer since he misses going to a barbershop. There are a lot of funny bits in the episode, as it’s with Mr Reynolds.

source: Ryan Doesn’t Know Snapchat)

Since he’s not a professional miniature artist and ‘Snap Originals’ shows are short, Ryan just ends up with a turd-looking thing that doesn’t resemble a hairdryer at all, according to the man himself.

It’s great to see Pui Wan making it by just doing her own thing. I mean, who can say they talked to Deadpool himself?

Follow Pui Wan on her Instagram to see more cute and cool stuff she’s making.