Ryan Reynolds Showed Up As a Singing Unicorn in Korea

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We have endured some weird-ass news in 2018 and to be frank, we thought after last week, nothing could surprise us anymore… But oh boy, were we wrong! Yeap, you guessed it, it has everything to do with Deadpool 2 that’s coming to theatres this week.

Actor Ryan Reynolds, husband of Blake Lively and star of Deadpool and Deadpool 2, has appeared on a Korean lite-entertainment karaoke-show wearing a sparkly unicorn mask to sing ‘Tomorrow’, the evergreen-song from the musical Annie.

The show ‘King of Mask Singer’, lets the audience vote for the best vocalists without revealing who they are. We’ll give you a moment to soak that in…

After the broadcast, producing-director Oh Noo Ri talked about how Ryan Reynolds came to appear on the show. “After we heard of his activities in Korea, we also heard that many programmes had sent their hopes of working with him. I think the masked part of ‘King of Masked Singer’ had a lot to do with it. Since Deadpool also has to do with wearing a mask, he ended up appearing on the show,” she said.

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Reynolds’ cover of ‘Tomorrow’ turned in a fairly solid performance of the popular show tune before he revealed his identity to a shocked and delighted studio audience. He even shared that he went as far as not telling his wife about this whole Korea appearance. This might be the best of his viral stunts in promoting Deadpool 2 that will be aired in cinemas in Malaysia this 17 May.

Take a look at the video below and be blown away with his surprisingly good voice:

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