This M’sian Designer’s Costumes Are Proudly Worn By Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey & Others On Stage

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source: Twitter/ mStar

Have you ever watched a big name in concert and marvelled at their costumes? Well, there’s a chance you’re looking at something that came from a Malaysian…

After almost 18 years, Amir Kadir, a Malaysian designer, migrated to Kuwait to seek new opportunities in the fashion industry. Now, superstars like Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez proudly rock his designs on stage.

Twitter user @ahmadcashfy made a thread showcasing some of Taylor Swift’s go-to costumes for her 1989 album tour which are from Amir’s designs. She even wore designs by Amir during an SNL show.

It may surprise some people, but Amir has had big accomplishments before. He had his own fashion boutique in Bukit Bintang and before he migrated to West Asia, the designer produced clothes for local icons like Datuk Seri Normala Samsudin, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and Ziana Zain.

Amir Kadir. source: @amirkadirdesign (Instagram)

In an interview with mStar a few years back, Amir said he wanted to bring about change in the local fashion industry, seeing how limited Malaysia was in its creative designs.

“That is why I made a surprise decision to find new experiences and Alhamdulillah… for my efforts, my designs began to be seen at the international level,” he said.


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The 56-year-old further explained the extensive process of making the clothes for big celebrities from sketch to approval to producing the clothes and getting through to the celebrities themselves.

Amir also said that whenever he sees celebrities rocking his designs on the red carpet, stage or a magazine, he can’t help but feel happy inside, which is well deserved.

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