Quiz: Find Out Which Netflix Family You Belong To This CNY

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Family and prosperity is what Chinese New Year is all about. We know, we know, families can drive you crazy sometimes. From their unwanted opinion about your fashion sense, to your siblings simply picking a fight for “the fun” of it. It gets worst when you whole extended family is over for CNY. Your kiasu aunties starts to show up and before you know it, your annoying 7-year old nephew keeps bugging you to play games on your phone, ugh. Sometimes, when we’re around the people we love for too a long a time, we tend to lose our sanity–just a little bit–so thank God we have Netflix… (on multiple screens, hopefully).

Have you ever wondered if you were swapped during birth at the hospital and somehow ended up with a normal family, or maybe the complete opposite? Fret not. Take the flow-chart quiz below and find out which Netflix family you belong to. Will you get to chill out with the Baudelaires from A Series of Unfortunate Events or hang out Nick Jakoby or Scott Ward from Bright?

Now that you know which fictional family you belong to, checkout if they’re similar to the one you got. If you’re unsure, just Netflix and chill through the shows!

Speaking of CNY, the cast of Altered Carbon played a little game of “True or False” regarding CNY traditions, check out the video below and test yourself too!

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