Let’s Talk About Sex: 5 Misconceptions Malaysian Need to Break to Truly Enjoy Making Love

“Say no more, Say no more” * Nudge Nudge * Wink Wink*

Pop Culture

VIDEO: The Journey of a RM10 Bill Through The Night in KL

Saya sehelai wang kertas RM10.


If You’re a Software Developer, You Have the Best Job in US for 2018

Although Healthcare still dominates the list.


JAKIM LGBT Specialist Wants to Meet Up with Social Influencer-Entrepreneur Nur Sajat

They can meet anywhere she’s comfortable with.


10 Famous Quotes You Got Wrong (that are probably in your social media bio)

You’ve been living by the wrong meanings!


Help Fund this Malaysian-made Lighter Saber Now

*Waves hand* This is the lighter you’ve been looking for.


Plane Skids Off Runaway Upon Landing, Nearly Going Into The Black Sea

The front of the plane crashed and the back was in the air.


PAS: We Should Be Happy That International Artistes Are Skipping Malaysia

Once again, PAS needs a reality check.


Brazilian Fanboy Tattoos Siti Nurhaliza’s Face & Name On His Arm

‘Kesilapanku, Keegoanmu’ helped him to deal with his depression.