LISTEN: Find Yourself Floating When You Listen to NJWA’s Ethereal New EP

A combination tradition and contemporary; music that is tailored for the mighty-now.

Sneak Peek

Star Wars and Bata Heritage Collaborated to Bring a New Retro Collection

*Waves hand* These are the shoes you’re looking for.


Finding It Hard to Get a Job? This Might Be the Ultimate Life Hack You Need

This is how NLP can help you personally and professionally.


Azwan Ali Wants To Run Against Selangor MB Azmin Ali To Destroy Him

The diva strikes again, and this time he wants to destroy his brother.


12 y/o Steals Mother’s Credit Card, Ends Up In Bali For A Vacation Alone

“I wanted to go on an adventure” Well, you sure did.

Breaking News

DJ-Producer Avicii Found Dead at 28

He was found in Muscat, Oman.


Enhance Your 4/20 with this MV by Krayziesoundz, ‘Baldoh’

Local rappers have definitely level-ed up.


The Nine Inch Nails Concert Is Coming Closer Than You Think

Tue, 14th Aug '18


Moonstar Studio