Experience Arts & Lights – Malaysia’s First Pop-up Art & Technology Exhibition

Sun, 19th Nov '17 - Sun, 24th Dec '17

12pm - 9pm

Icon City @ PJ


Get a Slice of Chizza at KFC

Yes, it’s fried chicken pizza — as in fried chicken for a crust.

Sneak Peek

Pa’din Musa Becomes First Malaysian to Release Signature Vans

The shoes will be available on Saturday 2 December across Malaysia and Singapore.


Get Cosy & Talk About Life Over Food at This Bohemian-Inspired Rooftop Cafe in Bangi

Denali & Pinnacles The Wanderer’s Cafe is serving us good food and ambiance.


5 Things I Miss About Sarawak After Leaving for College

Buy me Sarawak Laksa and I will definitely marry you.


Durians Are Gonna Be Cheaper in the Future

All hail the king of fruits.


Gigi Hadid Will Not Walk the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show ’17 Runway

Citizen from China are happy that the supermodel won’t be attending this year Victoria’s Secret Show in Shanghai.


Talitha Tan on Why it Took So Long to Release New Music & the Meaning Behind New Single ‘Please Stay’

Talitha revisited past family struggles and penned a love song to her mother.


Malaysian Artist Turns Personal Artwork into 3D Action Figure

HK-based Devil Toys is producing an action figure based on Malaysian artist Johnson Ting’s wholly original creation.


Superman’s Weird Mouth in Justice League Explained

You weren’t hallucinating when you felt Superman’s face was off.