This Interactive Periodic Table Helps You in Everyday Life

Wanna be like Walter White? Start with the basics fam.


Fuze is Giving You a Big Party Favor on 27 July

Thu, 27th Jul '17


Fuze Club KL


10 Signs You’re Dating A Softboy

Beware the most dangerous breed of fucboi.


APW Returns With Preloved is Reloved Part II

Sat, 2nd Sep '17 - Sun, 3rd Sep '17

12pm - 6pm

APW Bangsar


LISTEN: D2 are Spearheading the Tamil Rap Movement in Malaysia With ‘Neram (feat. MC Syze)’

It’s sophisticated Tamil music like you’ve never heard before.

Last Word

It’s Not Tinder, It’s You

When it comes to finding true love online, the real problem isn’t with technology but with who’s behind the screen.


Unbound and Free, Gryffin is Set to Take His Music to New Heights

Like the mythical creature his moniker alludes to, Gryffin a.k.a. Dan Griffith is a hybrid musician of many talents.