Head to Minut Init If You Love Cats As Much As I am May

Fri, 26th May '17 - Fri, 2nd Jun '17

9pm (launch night)

Minut Init


Having Tinder Conversations in Real Life Would Be Very Awkward

How would you send out dick pics?


Today in Bizarre News From Japan – Music Made From Pubic Hair

How deep can you go with pubic hair? A philosophical question to end all philosophical questions.


Make Midnight Arkadia Vol. 2 Your Last Kopek Party

Fri, 26th May '17

10.30pm - late

The Bee, Publika


LISTEN: ‘You’ Got Rozella’s Heart in a Rut

Rozella bares her vulnerability.


Martell Introduces a New Cognac Experience

Cognac is back! And this time, as a base for cocktails… say whut? Grandpa’s gonna flip out!


Believe It or Not, Even Clean Bandit Can Get a Festival Crowd to Mosh

The band shows no concern about negative feedback on their eclectic mix of classical and dance music.


With Anchor Smooth Draught, We’re Pretty Sure You’d Willingly Purchase Anchor Beer Now

Tastes exactly like Anchor on tap, but now you can have it on the go.