Checkout What Urban Malaysians Are Wearing for CNY

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Chinese New Year is almost upon us and with it comes delicious food, family gatherings and inevitable nosy questions regarding your relationship status, career and weight gain/lost (if you’re a dude, then height gain/lost). To help you feel confident when fending off prying relatives, you should dress sharply and look your best.

While it wouldn’t be a CNY celebration if you’re not covered in shades of pink, red or gold; there’s always a way to spice it up. We got some Malaysians who weren’t afraid to mix it up, to tell us about their favourite CNY #OOTDs and why they’re confident wearing them.


#1 Samantha Ngiam

“This was my birthday/CNY outfit. I’ve always fancied tutus as a kid and really wanted to try and incorporate it into my style. And so I went out and got myself this gorgeous mid-length tutu and wore it for the night. I think I pulled it off too with my hair as I have a pink shade in it. As you can tell, it’s not conventional but it was cute and really comfortable!”

#2 Fong Shelheil (@supershelhiel)

“It’s mainly the Samfu element that I love in this outfit. Something about the Tang Dynasty-look is edgy yet traditional enough. I am recently following the tradition of “New Year New Clothes”, and so last year it came to me to get a proper Chinese traditional outfit. Whenever I wear this top, I feel like it brings out the inner dragon in me. Btw, Chinese are known as 龙的传人 the descendants of dragons, damn. I just bought 3 lah: red, white and this one with 2 dragons, which is definitely my fav”

#3 Anna (@annxatan)

“I love wearing this outfit and would probably do it again during this upcoming CNY. It’s very bright and I am especially obsessed with the embroidery flower details on my shorts. The top shows off my shoulders, and the shorts makes my legs look longer. I slipped on some chunky black boots just to give it more character.”


#4 Angelene Livan Ting

“Even though black and white is “frowned” upon on CNY, it’s all about taking chances. I wore this during CNY, found the combo really flattering for my figure and my legs looked a tad longer in it too, it was cute and less suffocating than wearing a Cheongsam, especially if you had enough reunion dinners.”

#5 Lydia Lai

“As a tall girl myself, dresses always hits me in the wrong place. But unlike this dress, it really complimented my height as it stops on my knees nicely. The pattern looks really elegant and easy to style with. Add on a cute sling bag and some heels, and it’s settled. It’s no Cheongsam, but it looked flattering on me, so why not?”

#6 Aneurin Chin

“I used to like dressing up more for CNY, but then it gets really hot by the time I reach like the 3rd house. So I’d rather dress down, but make it look classy at the same time. Throw on a over-sized shirt, jeans, the right pair of sneakers and I’m good to go. And ready to collect all the angpaus.”

#7 Jordan Chang

“Chinese New Year is probably one of few festivals where I would actually spend the time to dress up and clean up nice. I would probably regret wearing it a few house visits later, but the photos come out pretty good, so it’s worth it, I guess.”

#8 KimChi (@kimchithemusical)

“This was in Genting Highlands, but I’d gladly wear this with a pair of tassel earrings if I were to be visiting a house with very strong air-conditioning as it’s extremely comfortable. The entire outfit was under RM60 and assembled from various thrift shops from KL.”

Let’s be real tho, shopping can be tiring. You go from one store to another just to find that perfect outfit to put on during CNY but nothing attracts you, or perhaps you did find a top you like, but then you have to deal with the horror of finding out it’s RM300+. Yikes!

Good thing stores like H&M have so many affordable options. In fact, they have already released their full CNY line which makes things easier with classy and chilled out looks, as well as sports inspired designs. Checkout some of the clothing they’ll be releasing here:

Check out their full CNY collection by clicking here.

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