Yee Sang Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Tired of your typical reunion dinner Yee Sang? FEELS. Also can’t afford to splurge on this festive day? Fret not, this Chinese New Year, we’ve got you covered with a variety of affordable and exciting, alternative Yee Sang dishes that will have you tossing higher.

1. VEGETARIAN YEE SANG @Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant

Wanna dig into your meal without worrying about your belly? From Simple Life, comes a dish of “Healthy Vegetarian Lao Sheng”. This vegetarian Yee Sang is a wholesome one made with over 20 types of ingredients, including fresh fruits and vegetables. And on top of that… behold: homemade citron & plum dressing. Eating well also means eating healthy, right? This could be the healthiest Lao Sheng you’ve ever had! No problems fitting into your cheongsam after this.

$$$: RM48.80 (3 – 4 pax), RM 78.80 (7-8 pax)

2. BACON YEE SANG @Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf

What else can you expect from a pork-themed restaurant known for their juicy Pork Burgers and Pork Fries? Piggy Yee Sang, that what’s. You don’t have to wait until next year (the Year of the Boar) to pig out ’cause you can usher in this New Year with yee sang made with smoked bacon (imported Italian Parma Ham) at Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf. Turn your Piggy Yee Sang into a Mighty Piggy Yee Sang with just an extra RM20 and get added-Smoked Bacon.

$$$: RM68.00  (small), RM88.00 (large)

3. SALMON YEE SANG @Sakae Sushi

Love Japanese food? Toss Sakae Sushi’s Fortune Salmon Yee Sang with Chuka Wakame (seaweed salad), Chuka Kurage (chewy seasoned jellyfish), Chuka Hotate (seasoned scallop skin), Chuka Idako (seasoned baby octopus) and of course, Salmon. And while we know that Salmon is a common ingredient for Yee Sang, have you ever spoiled yourself with fresh air-flown Norwegian salmon on CNY?

$$$: RM36.88 (2-3 pax)

4. Big Breakfast Yee Sang @Runners.Cafe

Prosperity Ultra-Marathoner Big Breakfast Yee Sang

If you’re going to climb a mountain, or face nosy relatives, then you’ll need your strength. Try Runners Cafe’s delicious Yee Sang made in typical Western breakfast style. Made from fresh ingredients and their own blended Agave Nectar Plum Sauce, just add serve everyone a round of OJ and you’ll be ready to lou with energy.

$$$: RM88.80 *fat choi x3*

5. Healthy Yee Sang @The Good Co.

If your family is really all about #goals like this one, then toss for prosperity this CNY with Healthy Yee Sang from The Good Co. and detox your system while you feast.

$$$: RM78.00 (4-6 pax)


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