JUICE Curates

JUICE Curates: ‘HOME’ by A/K/A Sounds

Home is where the heart is. A/K/A Sounds’ JUICE Curates focuses on the sounds of Singapore and Malaysia.

JUICE Curates

JUICE Curates: ‘FADE-O-EIGHT’ by Naufal & I-Sky

The HOAX boys start our New Year with something you can get faded to.


LISTEN: Midnight-Oil Vol. 5

Final mashup of 2014.

JUICE Curates

JUICE Curates: ‘HAYAKU ダンス!!’ by TKI

TKI’s JUICE Curates mix is a special shout out to junglist and footwork/juke heads.



Date: Saturday 13 September ’14
Time: 9pm
Venue: Tetto Lounge


LISTEN: Syndicate’s The Beat Invitational EP

Syndicate’s first official Beat Invitational EP includes a Malaysian act among Singapore’s brightest.


LISTEN: Midnight Oil Vol. 2

Midnight Oil Vol. 2 samples Blade Runner’s incredible Vangelis-scored soundtrack.


On the Download: The Industry, The Musician & The Internet – Part III

The digital revolution might have gone away with physical releases. But just as its tangible counterparts come in different mediums, so do digital distribution. Bypassing the traditional industry is not just all about downloads…


Resistiv3 pres. Bootleg Market & Request Allowed. Not!

A bit of street culture for everyone


I Can Has Mixtapz?

Rogue Squadron has a new mixtapz.