I Can Has Mixtapz?

Monstrous hip hop collective Rogue Squadron has I Can Has Mixtapz? released 16 December 2009 at the buzzing Cloth & Clef on Changkat Bukit Bintang. The whole fam performed and everyone was there showing love to the realest crew in Malaysia right now. They don’t need no fancy chains to show you they got what it takes. For Rogue Squadron, it’s all about the talent. This mixtape is proves just that and it’s a token of appreciation from the support they have gotten in 2009. Show some love. It’s free and it’s good.

Track list:

1. The Rebel Scum ‘Manusia’ (3:29)
2. The Rhymeweaver ft. Boss Chan ‘Gorehounds’ (4:34)
3. The Rhymeweaver ‘Jangan Pandang Belakang’ (3:21)
4. Phalanx and XS ‘RSXS’ (3:21)
5. Rogue Squadron ‘Chopping Action’ (5:42)
6. Shazet ‘Shazet’s Lament’ (1:22)
7. The Watchers ‘The Eye’ (3:35)
8. Mushroom Buttons ‘We Were Blind’ (2:30)
9. WordsManifest x Jazz Liberatorz ‘A (Malaysian in) Paris’ (1:58)
10. Boss Chan ft. Divinetics and hqa ‘Shugga Mayne’ (4:06)
11. The Poolboy ft. Jin Hackman and NBE ‘Yessurr’ (3:04)
12. Da Random MC ft. Jin Hackman ‘Mixtape Mastered’ (3:14)
13. Schizzow ‘Don’t Leave’ (4:09)
14. Figure of Speech ‘God As A Weapon’ (2:14)
15. Mushroom Buttons ‘Offline’ (2:35)
16. NBE ft. DJ Layzr ‘8 Tarts’ (3:28)
17. Schizzow x Jay-Z ‘Song Cry’ (5:03)
18. SSK and WordsManifest ‘Takde Ong’ (3:48)
19. The Sicksiderz ‘Rap Tak Ingat’ (4:10)
20. Rogue Squadron ‘Choppin Action Mashup’ (5:47)
21. Proximas ft. Ratio ‘This Nation’ (3:20)
22. Rogue Squadron ‘Burn It Up’ (3:18)
23. Jin Hackman ‘The 2009 Malaysian Rap-Up’ (5:19)

Download your very own I Can Has Mixtapz here. Don’t forget to say hello to Rogue Squadron at roguesquadron.my.