LISTEN: Midnight-Oil Vol. 5

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Source: Shelhiel

The Midnight-Oil beat cyphers have proven to be a benchmark of sorts to see how things are progressing on the local front. Over the past four editions, we’ve seen new acts surface, bloom, and blossom into their own, with more and more producers getting down and dirty with the samples provided. For this volume, we’ve got fourteen reinterpretations of Osamu Kitajima’s ‘Masterless Samurai’, jammed up together by VMPRMYTH and YAHNA. BAD REP and DecemberKid have unknowingly come up with one of the best introductions to this series yet, and everything that follows also goes swimmingly. Also, Shelhiel takes a step back from the boops and beeps, and instead opts to come up with the beautiful cover art that accompanies this round.

It’s the last one of the year!

BAD REP [MY]: 0:00
DecemberKid [ID]: 1:00
WanHanzan [US]: 2:15
Jestony [MY]: 3:00
Mushroom Buttons [MY]: 3:49
KAIN [DE]: 4:36
Fariz Malek [MY]: 5:30
Fazry Santaroena [MY]: 6:12
Adam Kasturi [MY]: 6:58
Reddi Rocket [MY]: 8:12
Jean Reiki [SG]: 8:57
YOSHI [ZA]: 10:23
YAHNA [IT]: 11:27

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