JUICE Curates: ‘HOME’ by A/K/A Sounds

source: A/K/A Sounds

‘HOME’ by A/K/A Sounds
Before I started on this mix, I set the task to only feature sounds produced/remixed by artistes around the region (Singapore, Malaysia, Indo, etc). This was a really good exercise for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of scavenging tunes (thanks guys), and definitely felt an immense pride that swells each time I get into my track hunting – there’s just so many brilliant sounds that’s so close to home, and it’s pretty inspiring.

It’s a mishmash of pretty diverse sounds, and I’d like to make a special mention of O$P$’s ‘Outrage Of Modesty’ track that’s just recently released by Phyla Digital. I decided to put two remixes of the same song in this mix that’s done by ZT and FZPZ, not only because I like these tracks very much, but also because they sound so vastly different, and I felt it fit the mood I was looking for.

This was done live, so there’s a couple of human errors, but I hope this mix did all the artistes in the selection justice. Big ups <3

01. Vandetta – Walls
02. kidkanevil – Lantern 2 (Cherry Chan + Kiat Remix)
03. Adam Kasturi – Plastic Inferno
04. Gema + DV – Child
05. Moslem Priest – House Arrest
06. Arabyrd – Byrdkick (Stereotyp Remix)
07. Intriguant – Ellipse (M X N D//K R F T Remix)
08. Mushroom Buttons – No Comply (Redux)
09. DV + SWTLKR – Feel
10. Dai-Kan – All I Dream is You (feat. ZSYIA)
11. Zero the Memory Thief – No Trace of Ozymandias
12. O$P$ – Outrage of Modesty (ZT Remix)
13. Keeyushee & Kain – Hiten Mitsurugi
14. Diphasic – Three Nine
15. .gif – Diatribe (Kiat Remix)
16. Gema + Darren Dubwise – Thx 4 the Time
17. VMPRMYTH – Sleazus (Pradana Remix)
18. O$P$ – Outrage of Modesty (fzpz Remix)
19. Octover – Trois (Iyer Rework)
20. The Shakes // Emir Hermono – Nothing Will Ever Be the Same (Beats&Breakups)
21. fzpz – Take a While