Resistiv3 pres. Bootleg Market & Request Allowed. Not!

Be ready for a whole day and night of underground street culture at Cloth & Clef. You don’t usually get a chance to hear every different kind of genre such as drum n bass, dub, dubstep, trip hop, glitch hop, underground rap, experimental and all kinds of electronic underground music all in one night brought to you by our local talent as well as some all the way from Indonesia.

Upstairs will be a clothing bazaar, DJ setup and visual project by our local heads. The main party will be at the mainroom, starting at 5pm till 8pm, there will be live hip hop performance and from 8pm till end, strictly drum n bass by Resistiv3. There will be live painting, graffiti and visual outside. Clothing will be on sale.

Artist line up is as follows:
MC : MC Reza
Live Hip Hop act : Rogue Squadron
DJ’s : MH, Anowl, Mac, Basil, Chi Pulp, Az-1, Nujita, Al Zi Nizi, Reezalt,
Hud Evil Hud (LIVE PA) feat. Luna & Syko G
VJ’s Mainroom: PerezOldSkool
DJ’s Upstairs: LeBoob, Flica, E, Jony, Skware-1, Mushroom Buttons, Soundwize, STNGMK.
VJ’s Upstairs: Efozy & Zul Helmi

Clothing will be by Phobia Klik, Loops Collective, Cloth & Clef and more to be confirmed. Graffiti and Live Painting by PHBKLK.

So head down to Cloth and Clef to catch all the action happening this Saturday. Ticket pricing will be RM20 inc. 1 soft drink & resistiv3 mix CD and RM40 inc. 1 soft drink, resistiv3 mix CD & 1 PHBKLK t-shirt. For more details check out our events page!