NewJeans’ Danielle Says Durian Smells Really Good in Cute Vietnam Vlog

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(source: Soompi)

Durian is popularly known as one of the “stinkiest” fruits in the world, but its rich flavour and creamy texture make up for its strong smell

For locals, durian is a staple fruit that can easily be found in the country during its season. However, many foreigners who visit Southeast Asian countries are often excited to try the king of fruits.

One of those foreigners is Danielle, a member of the popular K-pop girl group, NewJeans, who recorded an adorable vlog during her vacation in Vietnam.

In the 17-minute clip, the Super Shy singer recorded her experience indulging in some tasty durian as desserts for the very first time.

While most people might be taken aback by the durian’s pungent smell, Danielle remarked that the fruit smells “really good”

(source: NewJeans via YouTube)

After smelling the fruit, she proceeded to take a big bite and said it tasted like custard.

“It tastes like banana custard!” said the K-pop idol while giving a thumbs up to the camera.

“It’s so good!” she added.

Danielle’s sincere reaction caught the attention of netizens, who left supportive words in the comments section

(source: NewJeans via YouTube)

“It takes the best to recognise the best,” commented one user.

(source: Instagram)

“I like this girl. She’s so pure!” wrote another.

(source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, one user suggested that Danielle visit Malaysia and try the Musang King and Black Thorn varieties.

(source: Instagram)

Watch Danielle’s vlog here:

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