10 Malaysian Artists You Should Pay Attention to in 2024

The year 2023 has proven to be a fantastic period for local music, as Malaysian artists have been dropping fresh tunes that not only thrill their existing fan base but also captivate new audiences.

To ring in the new year and shine a spotlight on the incredible local talent, JUICE is compiling a list of the best artists Malaysia has to offer.

Each of these artists deserves your attention for various reasons, and this roundup is a great way for you to discover the diverse and exceptional musical landscape that we have today.

1. ChronicalZ

(source: provided to JUICE by ChronicalZ)

Desa Pandan-born rapper ChronicalZ made waves in the hip-hop scene last year with the release of his debut album, Professional Overthinker.

At 24 years old, ChronicalZ has crafted a distinctive style that weaves together a range of emotions and personal struggles, encompassing honesty, vulnerability, and the exploration of anxiety. His songwriting skills have resulted in a masterpiece that resonates strongly, leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary hip-hop scene.

Speaking with JUICE, the rapper revealed that he will be releasing a second album later this year, along with some singles featuring other local artists.

“This year, I want to have more fun with music, especially with some of the guys I didn’t get to work with yet. I also want to explore my vocal abilities in this next album because I don’t want to be stuck making the same type of rap music.

“One word to describe this next project is ‘Movies’. Some of the songs portray my personal life struggles, while others emphasise how I’m enjoying my current life. I know the listeners will love it!” said ChronicalZ.

2. Midnight Fusic

Midnight Fusic stands tall as a well-established alternative-rock band, gracing numerous prestigious local and international stages with their charm and energetic performances.

Their music, characterised by its relatability and youthful energy, has cultivated a dedicated fan base that continues to grow with each unforgettable show.

In an exciting update for 2024, Midnight Fusic revealed to JUICE that they’ve returned to the studio to craft new tunes. Fans can eagerly anticipate the release of fresh music from the band later this year, as they continue to evolve and expand their musical repertoire.

“We want to put out a more transparent body of work. We’ve all experienced many different things as a band and as individuals since we put out the last album, and because of that, I feel like our approach to music as a whole has matured.

“Our inspirations and references have come from different parts of our lives, and we hope to share that through our music,” shared Midnight Fusic’s frontman, Arif Kamarudin.

3. Guccimith and Zhe Kamil

(source: @guccimith and @zhesteezy via Instagram)

Last year, Guccimith and Zhe Khamil released their debut collaboration album, Beautiful Trap, and it featured their emotional track that quickly became a fan favourite, ‘Lepaskanmu’. Thanks to their emotive voices, bilingual tunes, and catchy melodies, the duo has built a solid fanbase in both the hip-hop and mainstream music scenes.

After their successful collaboration in 2023, fans can look forward to more joint releases from the pair later this year. Guccimith also shared that their creative chemistry has only grown stronger over the years, fueling more collaborative efforts.

“Zhe’s singing skills shocked me, and some of the songs that he recorded made me feel like I didn’t even need to be in those tracks. Our upcoming project will be so much different because of the freedom that we have.

“With last year’s project, both of us were learning through the album release, which put a bit of pressure on us. This year, however, we’ll just enjoy the process and use what we’ve learned in the past,” said Guccimith, adding that their next project has a strong emphasis on the theme of love.

4. lost spaces

(source: provided to JUICE by lost spaces)

Back in June 2023, indie-synth pop artist lost spaces gave us a taste of what’s to come with the release of OCPY, hinting at a dance record that the singer plans to release in the summer of 2024.

lost spaces revealed that his upcoming project consists of party-bangers that express various emotions, blending sadness, hope, and escapism into an electronic record.

“People have known me (for my) softer, lovey-dovey, band-sounding sounds, which seem to be a staple for success in Southeast Asia. But I am taking a bigger risk, leaning heavily towards the darker themes while still maintaining the child-like, wide-eyed view of the world in the face of imminent despair,” he said.

“Musically, it will probably be something people don’t expect because I’m pushing the boundaries of what people think lost spaces should sound like. At this point, I don’t even want to call it genre-bending; probably coin my own term, ‘genre-baiting’.

“It might shake up the existing fanbase or wreck my algorithms, but I’m at the point where I want to be free and not give a f**k. I just want to make music I love!” he added.

5. Quai

(source: provided to JUICE by Quai)

A household name on the local label 0108 SLATAN, Quai has been consistently delivering bop after bop since making his mark in the hip-hop scene. But 2024 will only get busier and bigger for the 25-year-old.

Hailing from Shah Alam, the rapper treated fans to a 16-track album titled DARI BLOK KE BINTANG last year. Speaking with JUICE, Quai hinted at an upcoming single featuring a well-known local artist who has already made their name on the international scene, promising an exciting addition to his already impressive discography.

“This year, I’m definitely working on more new music, and of course, this includes more of our local artists and maybe some international acts.

“What makes this upcoming project different from the others in the past is that I’m working with someone very special and talented. Being able to work with them and their team is such a great experience for me. I’m excited, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.” said Quai.


(source: provided to SAYS by Universal Music Malaysia)

Malaysia’s newest boy group, DISTORTED, made their voices heard with the release of their debut single last year, ‘SWITCH’.

The trio, made up of SINO, BALO, and ENEYEQAY, impressed everyone with their smooth rap skills. They effortlessly flowed over a catchy urban pop beat, seamlessly incorporating both English and Malay languages into one track.

Following their inception in the mainstream music landscape, the group is now ready to take on new challenges and will be releasing a single and an album that will surely tug at everyone’s heartstrings.

“We are super excited for this album and our upcoming single, ‘By Your Side’, to drop. We’ve been working on this album for almost two years. We look forward to seeing our listeners’ reactions to the album.

“This upcoming album reflects the growth of our journey both as a group and as individuals throughout recent years. We’re excited to share the new sounds and visuals we’ve come up with,” said SINO.

7. Golden Mammoth

(source: provided to JUICE by Golden Mammoth)

Golden Mammoth is not a new name in the independent music scene, having churned out a plethora of genre-defying tracks over the years through their collaborative musical journey.

The band dropped their most recent album, GM, towards the end of last year. It blends a diverse array of genres, from psychedelic rock and pop to progressive rock, electronica, funk, and hip-hop.

GM also beautifully discusses themes of heartbreak, addiction, nostalgia, and self-discovery. According to the band, this is their most personal creation yet, as the songs in the album were “written during some of the most challenging and struggling times.”

This year, Golden Mammoth is ready to perform at more local concerts, with the target of bringing their album to life across the country. So, make sure to stay tuned and follow them closely for the opportunity to witness the band’s electrifying performances in person.

8. Khodi

(source: provided to JUICE by Khodi)

Since her debut in 2019, Khodi has been enchanting listeners with her infectious tunes, beautiful covers, and angelic voice. Since then, the 23-year-old artist has also spread her wings by joining 0108 SLATAN.

In the past year, Khodi released her self-produced track, ‘Liberty‘. From its melodic introduction leading into a serene groove to the sultry vocals accompanying unapologetic lyrics, the song offers a glimpse into Khodi’s evolving artistry.

Looking ahead to 2024, the songstress has expressed her desire to delve further into producing her own music, particularly in the R&B/soul and city pop genres. Khodi also has ambitious plans to collaborate with international artists and producers, aiming to bring a unique flavour to her work.

“I believe that every songwriter is a storyteller at heart. I’d like to challenge myself to be more vulnerable and personal in my writing. In the end, I want my listeners to be able to relate to me musically and lyrically,” she said.

9. Jetcetera

(source: provided to JUICE by Jetcetera)

After a three-year hiatus, indie Nusantara band Jetcetera returned in 2023 with their first-ever Malay song, ‘Suratan Masa Depan’, a track that beautifully explores the grief that comes with growing up.

Building on the success of the single, Jetcetera has exciting plans for the current year, and fans can anticipate the release of a couple more singles in the upcoming months. They added that they will be venturing into new sonic landscapes, exploring a piano ballad and a punk-rooted track that celebrates friendships between women.

“Thematically, the message we want to push forward with our music is to feel okay with not being okay sometimes, and there’s nothing to be afraid about feeling your emotions deeply. We have always advocated for being vulnerable and expressing those feelings!

“We try our best to be as real and as raw with the things that we write just so that we can make some people feel seen, that they know they’re not alone in feeling certain emotions. That’s what we aim for in the upcoming projects,” the band told JUICE.

10. Porcelane

(source: provided to JUICE by Porcelane)

Formed in April 2022, Porcelane has quickly made a name for themselves, collaborating with well-known brands such as Converse. In 2023, they dropped their EP, Not Dead, Just Asleep, and rocked the stage at numerous local gigs and events.

One standout track from their EP is ‘Redacted’, penned by band member Adam Ariff. The song reflects his personal struggle, capturing the challenges of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood during a tough period in his life.

He also told JUICE that Porcelane is gearing up to release more music this year. Fans can anticipate a continuation of their signature sound, which skillfully blends elements of Midwest emo and pop punk.

“Coming off a successful campaign run in 2023 with an EP release, we’re hoping to release an album sometime later this year. We’re in the process of recording right now, so hopefully we’ll be able to have some surprise features in the record,” said Adam.

While we wait for these artists to drop new music later this year, check out JUICE’s Spotify playlist featuring some of the best local acts we have today: