ChronicalZ’s Debut Album Reflects His Personal Struggles & We Can All Relate To It

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Aku nak ni, aku nak tu, aku nak peace, aku nak tenang.

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Desa Pandan-born rapper ChronicalZ is not a new name in the local hip-hop scene, and he recently released his much-anticipated debut album, Professional Overthinker.

The album is his magnum opus, and it comprises eight songs that reflect some of ChronicalZ’s struggles and experiences towards self-discovery as a teenager.

But there’s something about the album that makes it an essential piece of art necessary for Malaysians to hear.

Disclaimer: The essay below contains the writer’s point of view and commentary about the album and does not reflect entirely on the artiste’s message.

Professional Overthinker’s album art (source: Spotify)

OVERTHINK, the three-part song that outlines the heartfelt message ChronicalZ wants to deliver to his supporters

While he could have released the album’s other songs as the title track, which include some typical flexing hip-hop music that could easily attract the masses, ChronicalZ chose to go deeper beyond the surface with OVERTHINK.

The track delves into a number of his personal struggles, as well as hints at some of the benefits he had tasted from reaching success. 

From carrying the stress of overloaded schedules to being able to check out anything he puts in his cart, the record represents how the musician has now lived through the best and worst of hitting the jackpot in the music industry.

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The song also brilliantly reflects his transition from being the young voice in the scene to an adult who now has real-life anxiety about facing failure and plummeting down from success.

In the third part, he continually sang, “Aku nak ni, aku nak tu, aku nak peace, aku nak tenang,” concluding that despite going through the ups and downs of life and obtaining the material things he had always desired, it was peace that he truly sought.

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The questions, “Can I hold on to this for much longer?” and, “What if I disappoint those who are supporting me?” are also asked over and over again within the album

The same theme can also be seen in 4 MAMA, where ChronicalZ details how most of what he does is for the parent who has sacrificed so much to help him grow into the man he is today.

Despite some of the negative criticism he has received throughout his career, the artiste remains focused on his main objective, which is to help the people he cares about, a goal that many young adults can identify with.

In Privacy, ChronicalZ requests some time away from the spotlight to spend with his friends and himself.

He also discusses being an introvert and how, at times, he needs to be alone because his social battery has depleted after being constantly surrounded by people.

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What sets ChronicalZ apart from the rest is how he manages to express his honesty, vulnerability, and anxiety through the music he makes, which makes his words feel much more relatable and genuine

If you’ve been following the artiste for some time, this album represents the peak of his teenage evolution. It will leave you wondering what else could he offer once he steps into the uglier and much darker side of adulthood.

It also doesn’t hurt that each track on the album was beautifully produced, and ChronicalZ stated that he worked on the album with numerous producers, including PFTD, Zhe Kamil, Vertgin, Kaiote, and many more.

At the end of the day, the album causes listeners to pause and reflect on the person behind this work of art, a 23-year-old from the busy city of Kuala Lumpur who simply wants to help those around him.

Professional Overthinker is a wholesome reflection of the life of an honest young artiste whom you can’t help but root for.

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