Family Unknowingly Brings Home A Suitcase Containing Human Remains From An Auction Bid

The police believe that the remains belong to more than one victim.


Thinking of Getting Inked? Here Are 5 Unlucky & Cursed Tattoos That Every M’sian Should Avoid

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China’s Long March 5B Rocket Fragments Allegedly Pierce Through Homeowner’s Roof in Sibu

The rocket entered the Earth’s atmosphere on July 31…


Thai Fighter Who Competed in a Muay Thai Tournament in Kelantan Died of Brain Haemorrhage

He was competing against a 29-year-old Malaysian Muay Thai fighter from the Kuala Lumpur Red Army Club


Indonesia’s Current Top Hip-Hop Act, RAMENGVRL Will Take Over Kuala Lumpur on 19 August at The Bee

Lost Spaces, ChronicalZ, Nakalness and Luqman Podolski will be opening the show!


“Masturbating Materials for Sale”: Pedophilic Online Advertisement Found on Online Shopping App

The seller wrote, “Until dead” in the shelf life section…


Kit Siang Urges for a Public Probe Over Meta’s Claim That PDRM Has Been Using Troll Accounts

Meta removed 600 accounts, majority allegedly part of a ‘troll farm’…


The Return of Mahsuri’s Seventh Generation Descendant in Langkawi Surprises Locals

It was said that she had ended Mahsuri’s curse and brought luck to Langkawi.


Raised By Garbage-Collector Parents, Miss Universe Thailand 2022 Inspires Audience With Her Story

She carried her tough upbringing with pride and humility.