lucidrari’s ‘CHRONOSPHERE’ & ‘GADISKU’ Peak at #1 on Spotify Malaysia’s Charts

Gadisku, boleh tak kau faham?

lucidrari. (source: Provided to JUICE by lucidrari)

Last year, the local music scene saw the rise of numerous new talents, with lucidrari standing out prominently at the top of the list.

His hit single ‘LAMPU BIRU’ not only made waves but also solidified his position as one of the standout new artists in the hip-hop scene.

Fast forward to the present day, lucidrari has now claimed the number one spot on Spotify’s Top 20 Malaysian Albums chart, just weeks after unveiling his highly anticipated second album, CHRONOSPHERE.

But what makes the album so special for the 25-year-old’s career? To answer this question, JUICE sat down in an interview with the rising artist to discuss the significance of CHRONOSPHERE.

CHRONOSPHERE, an album that focuses on individuality

‘corrupted at 16’ and ‘CHRONOSPHERE’ album art. (source: Provided to JUICE by lucidrari)

After the triumph of his debut album, corrupted at 16, the artist shared with JUICE that he was eager to push his boundaries further in the music industry.

The Denai Alam rapper also expressed a desire to create music with universal appeal, aiming to release tracks that would resonate with listeners from a variety of backgrounds.

“I started tapping into contemporary trends and catered my music towards that. I imagine myself in their shoes and just went on envisioning a landscape that laid the foundation of CHRONOSPHERE.

“It took me six months to a year to complete the album, and I started working on it right after the first album was released,” said lucidrari.

(source: Provided to JUICE by lucidrari)

When asked what message he wishes to deliver to his listeners, the rapper said that he wants to encourage fans to embrace and celebrate their distinct identities.

This message was emphasised with each composition in the 12-track album, which serves as a canvas for the artist to underscore the significance of individuality in the contemporary era.

“Just like how I [expressed myself] in the album, don’t ever, even for a second, sacrifice your individuality when you’re doing something. It could be anything, really, like when you’re negotiating for something or when you’re writing creatively or for a corporation.

“The moment you neglect putting your own unique character into what you do, you lose what it means to be yourself,” he said.

(source: Provided to JUICE by lucidrari)

A standout track from the album is ‘GADISKU‘, a song that featured 0108 SLATAN member Gard and was adorned with captivating synths, catchy lyrics, and a blend of softer vocals throughout.

Following its release, the track swiftly became a sensation on TikTok, quickly gaining traction and subsequently peaking at the number one spot on Spotify’s Viral 50 Malaysia chart.

(source: Provided to JUICE by lucidrari)

As for his future plans, the artist shared that he has a multitude of projects in the pipeline, all of which will be released when the time comes.

“I can’t really say for certain since anything can happen, but trust, you’re going to see a lot of my face this year.

“A lot of projects are being planned, and InshaAllah, with consistent effort, they’ll work themselves out,” he said.

Nevertheless, the artist’s success demonstrates the widespread acclaim and resonance his music has received from young Malaysian listeners, cementing his position as one of the newest prominent figures in the local hip-hop scene.


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