KL Collective CITYBOIS Returns With Sophomore Album ‘DIRTY PACK’ & We’re Obsessed

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After making waves with their debut album in 2022, Kuala Lumpur rap collective CITYBOIS has returned with their highly anticipated sophomore record, DIRTY PACK.

Previously, the group was known and celebrated for their catchy singles like ‘TAK PAKAI,’ ‘FASHION K,’ and ‘TOUCH DOWN KUALA LUMPUR’.

They’ve also released a slew of solo projects in 2022, including releases from BLURAY, Professional Overthinker, Sebelas Melody, Maison, and Beautiful Trap.

This time around, CITYBOIS is ready to solidify their position at the forefront of the Malaysian rap scene.

The album that symbolises their growth as a collective

DIRTY PACK album art. (source: Spotify)

DIRTY PACK emotively showcases the individual strengths of each artist within the collective, highlighting their undeniable chemistry and indisputable versatility across various styles and genres.

Compared to their debut album, this sophomore record is more tightly knit, featuring collaborations with the group’s associates such as Apek G, F.Rider, SOPHIARAZK, and AMPG’s very own SXPH, who also produced the track ‘Terang, Terang’.

With DIRTY PACK, CITYBOIS invites fans and listeners to embark on a journey through their collective history while presenting their most refined body of work to date.

CITYBOIS members. (source: Provided to JUICE)

The focus single, ‘MINUTE’, is a testament to CITYBOIS’ chemistry and high-energy delivery, featuring Vertgin, ChronicalZ, TASHEY, A.Q.U, Guccimith, and Against Mel over Zhe Kamil’s production.

The track mirrors the fast-paced theme of the album and reflects the bustling, hectic life of Kuala Lumpur, staying true to their moniker as the ‘CITYBOIS’.

(source: Provided to JUICE)

In a conversation with JUICE, the album’s main producer, Afiq Not Nice, revealed that putting together DIRTY PACK was a seamless process, thanks to the group’s exceptional chemistry.

“We’re all familiar with each other; the chemistry between us is there. Over the course of making the album, we’ve spent countless nights in the studio, getting used to each other’s workflow, which helped a tonne.

“So, when it came time to really lock in, it was basically automatic. The fact that the album sounds so cohesive despite our individual preferences and influences in music is, to me, the defining characteristic of DIRTY PACK,” he said.

(source: Provided to JUICE)

However, he shared that the idea of releasing the sophomore album wasn’t on their radar until around November 2023.

“We had the songs all recorded, but we were just making songs with no clear intention. The more songs we made, the more the album was shaping up. In the end, the songs all worked together, complimenting each other nicely as you go down the tracklist.

“We hope that our listeners, core fans especially, appreciate our efforts to always come up with new ideas and sounds, as well as not being scared to go out of our comfort zone with some of these tracks,” he added.

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