Netizens Speak Out Against Whitening Teeth Product That’s Strong Enough to Erase Permanent Marker Stains

(Source:@RezzuanRahim on Twitter

Over on social media, we have seen and heard of countless health and beauty brands, that have not been approved by the Ministry of Health, making harmful products that could potentially deteriorate an individual’s wellbeing if it’s applied or consumed. However, despite all the complaints and warnings, there are still some brands that continue to operate, thus baiting gullible customers.

Recently, a video of an influencer named @sitijamumall promoting a special whitening magic charcoal toothpaste has been circulating Twitter.


In the video, she is holding a white plate and on it are three blue dots that were drawn using a permanent marker. She then uses three different types of dental products to test if these products could get rid of the stain.

At first, she uses a normal toothpaste and begins rubbing on the stain which leaves no effect, followed by a so-called RM900 teeth serum. The latter didn’t seem to do the trick either which is when she brought out Whitekish’s Magic Charcoal. The product wipes the stain clean and she begins to show testimonies on how the product has worked on their customer’s teeth.

Many netizens on Twitter have stated their opinions about the product, claiming that it’s a recipe for disaster and how if it could be used to erase a permanent marker, the product is most likely highly abrasive and harmful to the teeth and mouth.


Another netizen had even stated that the product has received at least 800 orders. She also highlighted how cleaning a permanent marker stain is not the same as cleaning your teeth. Thus, using the same products to do both is harmful.


Another Twitter user @doktorgiginajib who happens to be a dentist, also advised the public that using too much over the counter teeth whitening products could cause an erosion of your enamel. The enamel is the top layer of your tooth that protects against cavities and bacteria.


Since Whitekish’s product contains charcoal, the tweet also explains that brushing your teeth with activated charcoal could actually scrape and damage your enamel since it’s coarse. Whitening products which contain a high content of bleaching chemicals also have the same harmful effect.


As of now, the two accounts of the product and the influencer on Instagram are currently private.

Netizens have revealed that Whitekish is currently being sold at some pharmacies despite arousing concern amongst the public. A netizen also said that the influencer claimed that the product is approved by the health ministry.


According to Bright Now, there is a big difference between teeth cleaning and teeth whitening. The purpose of teeth cleaning leans more to a health purpose as it removes plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth in order to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Teeth whitening is to remove stains for solely cosmetic purposes.

(Source: Malaysia Cosmetic Dentist)

Even so, it is worth mentioning that not all stained teeth are bad. As long as your teeth are rid of plaque and tartar, you’re doing good.

It’s always advisable to not venture into these kinds of products alone without the medical advice from your dentists. Wanting a bright smile is understandable but it should not be at the risk of your health. Always do your research and stay away from any harmful ingredients.