This Colgate Toothbrush Tracks Your Brushing Method & Rewards Points To Buy Other Colgate Products

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( Source : Hypebeast)

Getting those pearly whites has gotten a lot easier with Colgate’s new collection of smart toothbrushes called, Hum.

The toothbrushes that come in several pastel shades are made to help individuals brush their teeth more efficiently due to their outstanding tech smart sensors that are able to track the duration, frequency, and coverage of its user’s brushing style.

( Source : Hypebeast)

According to Colgate’s VP of Marketing in North America, Bill van de Graaf, he told Hypebeast that Hum meets the consumer’s demands, as it’s lightweight and sleek, making it the best brushing option for individuals who want to improve their smile.

Unlike the normie toothbrushes without smart features, Hum is able to target specific spots that need more brushing by utilizing its 3D sonic vibration technology. The technology within this electric brush is so advanced that users are able to check their personal brushing data for up to 10 days since the toothbrush is connected to the Apple Health app.

(Source: Hypebeast)

As a bonus, Colgate will be rewarding users with points in its app every time it tracks improvement in your brushing technique, kinda like a mobile game. The points collected can be used to purchase any product within the app’s shop, including refills of the brush heads.

The hum toothbrushes will be available on the Colgate Website or from AmazonBed Bath & BeyondWalmart, and other retailers next month for at least $69.99 USD (RM292.35) for its rechargeable toothbrush. However, the battery-powered version sells for $49.99 USD (RM208.81).