PDRM Confirms That Addy Kanna & Alvin Leong Were Coordinators for a China Syndicate, Not The Macau Scam

Alvin Leong & Addy Kanna (source: siakapkeli)

In another twist of events regarding the Macau Scam arrests recently, PDRM’s investigation has found that Addy Kanna and Goh Yeong Leong (Alvin Yeong) were indeed scammers – but their involvement is with another China syndicate and not the Macau Scam, according to NST.

While many assumed that the two individuals were detained by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC) over the infamous Macau Scam, they were in fact involved as coordinators and agents for money laundering and a scam syndicate targeting victims from China. The China syndicate operated from offices and luxury residences as it would target Chinese citizens mainly for online gambling and other scams.

(source: Kosmo!)

Bukit Aman CID director Datuk Huzir Mohamed said both men, Addy and Alvin, the man who recently escaped MACC headquarters by jumping the fence, were coordinators and agents tasked with preparing residences and call centres equipped with computers and telecommunication equipment.

“Both of them targeted victims in China and not victims from this country. It is inaccurate for certain parties to assume that online scams in this country involve these two individuals because the crimes in this country were committed by other fraud syndicates,” he urged.

Bukit Aman CID director Datuk Huzir Mohamed (source: Sinar Harian)

In regards to a viral video that recorded a conversation allegedly between an online scammer and a victim, Huzir rubbished the video as the scammer claimed that Addy Kanna would be freed without a problem because of his connections to political leaders.

He stated that the police would reveal more details on the men’s illegal activities in the near future.