Dr. Amalina Bakri Exposes M’sian Seller for Promoting Supplements Using Her Name & Picture Without Her Consent

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( Source: dramalinabakri and Eskayvie Malaysia on Instagram)

Using an influencer or celebrity to endorse a brand can generally boost sales. However, some Malaysian brands are faking their celebrity endorsements by using said celebrities’ pictures without permission, which is a serious offence.

Recently, famous Malaysian surgeon, Dr. Amalina Bakri, spoke out against a supplement brand that has used her name and image without her consent to promote their products.

Amalina took this issue to Twitter, where she clarified that she had never given her permission to endorse the products and she also advised her followers to seek real medical attention if they have diabetes.

She also mentioned a specific salesperson by the name of “Miera” who had used her name and quotes in a WhatsApp message to reach out to customers.

In 2016, Malaysia was unfortunately ranked as the country with the highest number of diabetic patients in the world. Due to this fact, it is even more dangerous and detrimental to Malaysians to seek help from dishonest brands whose products may not even be safe for consumption.

According to Malay Mail, Dr. Amalina advises her followers to seek proper, professional medical help instead of trusting dodgy and suspicious products like snake oil.

The surgeon also expressed her discontent with how companies focus on sales of the product and not the product itself, thus inevitably spreading misinformation and endangering the lives of the public.

Purchasing supplements is encouraged because of its capability to boost our immune system and in times like these, we definitely need it. However, make sure to put in more research into the products you want to buy because you never know if you might be cheated.

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