Netizens React & Debate Over Nasi Lemak Stall Salary Which Pays More Than Most Entry-Level Jobs

(Souce: Sengfoo88 on Twitter and Culture Trip)

Due to the ongoing pandemic that has badly affected our economy, many people have lost their jobs and have gotten their salaries cut. However, a recent viral photo of a job vacancy poster for a nasi lemak stall has been circulating around social media, especially on Twitter, due the job’s unusual salary range which netizens say is above that of entry level office jobs.


JUICE spoke to the Twitter user who posted it, @sengfoo88, who stated that he spotted the poster at a kopitiam in Aman Suria (which is in Sunway Mas) called Sun Yin Loong.

The poster advertised for the position of a stall-keeper at a nasi lemak stall, but what has caught the attention of netizens was the RM1,500 – RM1,800 / month pay range that the job offered.

Many netizens reacted to the poster by comparing their monthly salaries and how the stall’s wage pays more than big franchise businesses.




Some people were even questioning their life choices…


While some were even keen on actually taking the job…

Seng Foo also stated the tweet has gotten so viral that it has even caught the attention of the person who posted the poster in the first place. She even had her own opinions about it – and was amused by how everyone only cared about the money and not the duty of the job.

Check out what she said below:

Seng Foo also added that he is happy to see the salary range being advertised for a perceivably “lowly” job because it is higher than the national minimum wage of RM1200 and also agreed that many companies here in Malaysia have failed to even offer that.

“The fact the tweet went viral was a sad testament to that. So, kudos to the owner for offering decent pay especially during these difficult times,” he said.

It’s great that this nasi lemak stall is offering a job with decent pay as many are struggling to make a living during these trying times.