M’sian Fashion Label Goes Viral for Using Ghostly Models in a ‘Hantu Kak Limah’ Inspired Photoshoot

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source: Instagram / @labo.my

Living and breathing human models are so last season… Now, we want to see hantus working the cameras!

Fashion has been considered art since its inception which is why trends are constantly evolving to fit the zeitgeist. From form-fitting tuxedos and sexy power suits to baggy tees and flowery sundresses, there’s always a new way to express our creativity through our clothes.

The same goes for modelling. Malaysian fashion label, Labo MY, has since ditched the fresh makeup and bright eyed models for pale faces who seem to be asleep at their own photoshoot. Sounds like a fun job. And you don’t even need coffee!

Known for their modern and minimalistic spin on traditional Malay attire, Labo MY is not only injecting their personality into their clothing, but also in the way they photograph and market their products. Recently, a series of images from their latest line has gone viral on Twitter after netizens noticed the bizarre way the models were shot.

Both male and female talents were seemingly asleep with minimal makeup and pale lips. The caption by Twitter user @staylowkey_v read, “The models are in purgatory.”

Before you ask, no, they did not run out of lipstick that day. In fact, the whole look was intentional and part of their concept that was paying homage to popular local horror-comedy, Hantu Kak Limah. The female model, Aisyah Rosli, told Coconuts KL,

“The concept is inspired by the Hantu Kak Limah (Ghost of Limah) movie. I did not expect the photos to go viral, but it’s okay. I just take the comments positively, everyone has their own perspective. Overall, the main point of the photos is to sell the clothes, not my face.”

It seems the inspiration has served them well, for the original tweet had received 32.9k likes and 17.1k retweets, earning them quite a bit of traction.

source: Beautifulnara

The titular character of the film is considered one of the most recognisable in modern Malaysian cinema. Take it from JUICE, since we even recommended her as a Halloween costume idea.

With this new collection from Labo, you can terrorise villagers of Kampung Pisang in vibrant and stylish kurtas. Only this time, they won’t run away because you reek of death and decay, they’ll run so they can cop your outfit before it sells out!

To check out more of Labo, click here. Don’t worry, not all their models look like the undead.

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