5 Last-Minute Local Halloween Costumes Perfect For Any Malaysian!

Cool… but you don’t want to look like every other ghoul on Halloween, do you? (source: discoverKL)

Halloween is just around the corner and I know many of y’all tengah kelam-kabut to figure out what the eff to wear! This is the only time you get to go over the top dressing-up without the fear of somebody judging you. However, just because it’s a spooky occasion, that does not mean you can leave the house in a stale, ol’ vampire costume. Generic outfits are only allowed if you’re dead.. boring.

There are so many things you could be instead of sexy nurse/sexy police/sexy devil/sexy cat/sexy bomoh… As a typical Malaysian millennial who procrastinates ’til the last minute, we need costumes ideas that are not only easy to execute, but are easy on our wallets too (cause we don’t want to spend RM100 for a one-night do).

Whether it’s a Halloween themed event, a house party, or the clerbs that you’re planning to hit this weekend, all of these following costume ideas will work (unless there are some boring-ass venue rules) and you could even pinjam some of these items from friends or family. Just make sure you don’t leave fake bloodstains all over! Scroll down to see the five last-minute Halloween costumes:

 1. Hantu Kak Limah

(source: Beautifulnara)

What you need: one kain batik, a baju kurung top and (if you don’t have long black hair) a long-black wig.

The iconic Hantu Kak Limah has been terrorising the villagers of Kampung Pisang long enough, and now it’s time for her to hit the city, with her uncombed black hair in all its glory! All you have to do is get a kain batik for the bottom half and a baju kurung top. If you don’t have long black hair, the only thing you would probably need to spend on is the wig which you can find at any party or costume shop. The cheaper it is, the better –  you want it to look bad. Put on some pale, scary makeup, mess up that hair and you got yourself a Halloween costume.

2. Upin & Ipin

(source: moonings)

What you need: bald cap, yellow or blue tank top, white shorts and a pair of selipar jamban.

Want to go as a duo? Who else to be than the cheeky boys of Upin & Ipin. More points if y’all are actually bald! Don’t worry if you’re not tho, because you can find bald caps at costume stores or even online for super cheap. Be sure to blend it into your skin for that flawless botak licin look! Get yourself a yellow or blue tank top and DIY the “U” or “I” on it by using a fabric marker. Find yourself some white shorts, put on your slippers and you’re good to go! No makeup required cause they’re.. well…  kids but if you’re going as Upin, cut and stick on a swirly black paper on top of your head to resemble his one strand of hair.

3. Luqman Podolski

(source: SushiVid Blog)

What you need: black t-shirt(or white Pepe The Frog t-shirt), dark jeans, any type of shoes, clear glasses and a short black wavy wig.

Local internet star and comedian, Luqman Podolski has been making us laugh since 2012 when he did his hilarious Vines(RIP). He’s nowhere near stopping as he has been growing his social media by branching out to other things too. Everyone knows that his comedic character includes that ugly-ass wig of his. Get yourself a cheap one at a costume/party store and like Kak Limah – mess it up! Put on some clear glasses and you’re basically done. If you want extra points, get yourself a printed meme t-shirt and walk around saying “Sila meninggal!“.

(source: Gfycat)

4. Vanness – Lawak Kampus

(source: Deviantart – Shiro Ang)

What you need: White-collared t-shirt, dark green khakis, white shoes, brown sling bag,  white sneakers and orange glasses.

To be honest, you could pick and choose any Lawak Kampus character that suits your appearance. If you have long black hair, Xena is the better option – don’t you think? But if you have straight short hair, Vanness is the one! Bringing nostalgia back to anyone who crosses your path should initiate conversation without you even trying. To pull off this look, you’d need a white collared t-shirt, dark green khakis, white shoes, a brown sling back and the most crucial item – the orange goggles! Put it directly on your hairline and let your goofy-side come out to play.

5. Dato’ Seri Vida

(source: VICE)

What you need: a pink modern baju kurung, pink hijab, a toy tiara, and over-the-top fake jewellery.

Qu Puteh, Qu Puteh, baru lah putih! You’re not Malaysian if you don’t know who Dato’ Seri Vida is – sorry, I don’t make the rules. No one can ignore somebody who walks around dressed in glittering clothes, decked in jewellery and a gleaming tiara – this bougie Kelantanese has been everywhere. Unfortunately, we’re not rich as her but DSV’s look is an easy one to copy. Just wear everything pink, slap on pink makeup, grab a toy tiara from Daiso and find yourself some cheap bulky rings. You’ll be pretty, beautiful and a Queen like her in no time!

In fact, I tried out this look and it turned out pretty spot on…

Happy Halloween everyone and make sure to be safe when y’all are out there! LET’S GET SPOOKY.

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