Super Ring Condoms Might Be Coming Soon & It’s Perfect For Cheesy Lovers

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When former Prime Minister Najib Razak was found guilty of all 7 charges, Malaysians were quick to respond with their already-prepared arsenal of memes.

The most used meme was one mocking the ex-PM’s random adoration for the beloved childhood snack, Super Ring. Some even started coining the term “Bossku Day” which is a national holiday where everyone just sits at home, munching on Super Ring.

It’s not everyday that Malaysians are able to unite and laugh about something together, which is why Malaysian condom company, ONE Condoms decided to capture this moment by suggesting a new addition to their assortment of flavoured condoms…

Everyone, welcome Super Ring condoms!

Looks like ONE Condoms is putting the power in our hands to decide if Super Ring condoms should be a thing. Our only questions is, will it be safe for those who are lactose intolerant? Asking for a friend…

This isn’t the first time ONE Condoms has suggested a local treat as the flavour of our bedroom treat.

source: SAYS

The notorious and spicy rendang condom made waves when it was first announced. However, since it was downright criminal to suggest rendang without complementing it with nasi lemak, the company came up with a whole breakfast line, including teh tarik. Now, you can have a balanced Malaysian breakfast in bed without all the calories (and #sapot Malaysian-made products while you’re at it).

With that, brace yourselves (and your partner) for their new, possible launch of Super Ring Condoms. Make sure to have wet wipes at the ready though, just in case it stains your fingers orange… don’t you hate it when that happens?

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