An Elephant Stomped On A Driver’s Car On Perak Highway After It Was Honked At

source: cheuleng (flickr)/ Harian Metro

You know what they say, elephants never forget… And apparently this elephant has beef with a driver over at Perak Highway.

Five people managed to escape their car after it was stepped on by an angry elephant that was startled by a honk from the car behind.

The incident was believed to have happened on the East-West Highway (JRTB) near Gerik, about 7 pm last night (Sunday, 2 July). The car was reportedly heading to Perak from Kelantan and it happened not far from R&R Puncak Banjaran Titiwangsa.

According to an individual who spoke to one of the victims, when the elephant went on the road, they stopped their car and the car behind them honked.

A screenshot of the incident’s recording. source: Harian Metro

“The car honked, the elephant got up and stepped on their car trunk. Five people inside the car managed to escape and leave their car behind,” according to Harian Metro. The same individual also said that five of them had to hitchhike back to R&R Puncak Banjaran Titiwangsa.

The news reached Perak Perhilitan Director, Yusof Shariff who said they’ve already dispatched personnel to the area for further investigation.

If you ever spot an elephant on the road, Perhilitan advises that you don’t use high beams, honk or try to shoo the gentle giants away. It could lead to more than just a demolished car…

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