M’sian Artists Flaunt Their Gorgeous Work Through Wholesome #ArtistOfMalaysia Hashtag on Twitter

Malaysia is a well that never runs dry when it comes to talented artists. In this year alone, JUICE has interviewed and featured countless young talents who have proven that despite the loom of a fatal virus, the local art scene is far from dead.

From murals, comics, batik, sneakers, Starbucks cups to Pepsi cans, Malaysian artists are never running out of fresh ideas and different canvases to spill their creativity on. The mere outpour of talent alone is enough to make our hearts swell with pride.

So, when Twitter user @sueannajoe_ created the hashtag #ArtistOfMalaysia in order to amplify the voices of our artists, netizens were thrilled to see many underrated pieces of art on their timeline.

source: @sueannajoe_ on Instagram

Sue Anna Joe is an illustrator and occasional doodler who mainly practices her craft through digital mediums. As a way to kickstart the trend, she included several of her pieces and encouraged other artists to do the same. With the current pandemic, commissions are integral to an artist’s income which is why this hashtag is not only wholesome, but incredibly helpful.

Check out the original post as well as others below:

Inspired by this hashtag, JUICE has a few artists we’d like to recommend to you.

Here they are…

1. @harythilmy

2. @melaninsashimi

3. @chillipadiart

4. @indragundee

5. @pij_studio

6. @lukisan_kabut

We hope by circulating this trend, we’re able to boost these artists to your timeline and help them get the recognition they so clearly deserve.

Keep appreciating art and don’t forget to #SapotLokal!