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There’s a new art trend that’s been surfacing around the internet – resin art. Many individuals have been posting their colourful shiny amoeba-shaped paintings on social media. However, 22-year-old student Hawa Ummar has managed to bring the resin art game up a notch by converting her resin art into beautiful gem-like ashtrays.

The ashtrays that she makes come in various colours, shapes, sizes and contain other different decorative components in it like baby breath’s flowers, dried rose petals, pieces of silver and gold foil along with glitter whereas Mica powder is used as a colouring.


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[SOLD] Alcohol ink and dried baby’s breath in resin. 11.5×11.5cm. RM89.

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[SOLD] Gold and silver foil, dried baby’s breath, and dried leaves in resin. 12x10cm. RM85.

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When asked about her journey in resin art, Hawa explains that she bought her first resin supplies in April as she wanted to pick up a new hobby that didn’t require drawing or writing as a way to cope with her deteriorating mental health during the quarantine period.

“I discovered epoxy resin and all the possibilities I could explore with the medium. I still have a long way to go but it has been an exciting journey so far,” she said.

Hawa also owns an Instagram shop called Tokoresin where she sells other resin art pieces aside from ashtrays like coasters, trinket trays, keychains and mini-coffin storages (literally, a coffin-shaped trinket box. She also accepts custom orders and plans to expand to release a jewellery collection in the future.


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[AVAILABLE] White coffin with pressed baby’s breath. RM75. DM to purchase!

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Since she is a self-taught artist, Hawa states that she has learned a lot about her resin materials and techniques from watching professional resin artists such as Myriam’s Nature and Artsymadwoman on YouTube, and also other local resin art shops and makers that have inspired her like @lunadrenaline, and @tas.kaca on Instagram.

Although the resin art community in Malaysia might be small for now, it’s definitely growing and we certainly cannot wait to see more local resin artists coming out of the shadows to gain the recognition that they deserve.

If you’re interested in Hawa’s products, check out Tokoresin’s Instagram here.

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